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We are collaborating with Phoenix Transworld, a highly innovative British company who make an extensive range of batch asphalt plants, both static and mobile.

Phoenix, although a young company, have a team of experienced and motivated asphalt plant design engineers who, combined with dynamic and enthusiastic management, have created 21st century equipment for the production of asphalt materials.

The StarBatch is a modular stack-up plant, transportable in concept. Each section is pre-wired for ease of electrical connection and disconnection, and great emphasis has been placed on space and access for maintenance. Environmentally the plant incorporates effective sealing for excellent dust control and a modern burner and bag filter combination ensures against harmful emissions. The StarBatch is available with capacities from 80MTPH up to 320MTPH.

The RoadStar is the mobile version, incorporating many of the design criteria for the StarBatch in a low-level, highly mobile and compact plant. The RoadStar is available with capacities from 40MTPH up to 240MTPH.

The entire Phoenix range features sophisticated yet simple to maintain control systems at several levels from keypad to PC-based, fully automated types.




We are distributors for the Bagela Asphalt recyclers. Bagela has been manufacturing portable asphalt recyclers for over 15 years, with over 750 machines sold worldwide. German engineering has incorporated excellence in design and construction, to provide a highly reliable, proven in-situ asphalt recycler. Many machines are still operating with over 8,000 hours of use. Bagela has proven itself to be the worldwide leader in portable asphalt recycling technology.

The process is simple, the savings obvious. The old asphalt, as lumps of planings, is loaded into the hopper, atop the machine. It passes into a rotating drum, where it is heated utilising indirect heat. There is no grinding in this process. Within 15 minutes the waste asphalt is reconstituted into hot mix asphalt. Asphalt of any age can be recycled by utilising our M.D. asphalt additive. The Bagela Recycler is diesel fired and can be used any time of the year and in any weather.

Bagela Recyclers reduce land fill waste by turning waste materials into a valuable, renewable commodity, while providing a source of quality hot mix, all year long. Finally, hot mix asphalt when and where you want it! Contractors can reduce their reliance on hot mix plants, eliminate dump fees, and reduce equipment wear. Most important, profits are maximised.




We represent a long-established British company. With more than 40 years successful trading, they can justifiably claim to be the world leaders for comprehensive rebuilds and overhaul of asphalt pavers. Such is their confidence that they welcome any independent inspection, at any stage of the work.

Their reconditioning process involves:-

Stripping the machine down to its most basic components, shot-blasted down to the bare metal, re-spraying with etch primer, undercoat and two coats of gloss paint in the colour of your choice, reassembling with any necessary new parts, testing as works progress. Finally sign written to your own colours and design. In fact, these rebuilt machines are as good as new, at a fraction of the cost.

Each reconditioned paver comes with a full 90 days comprehensive parts and labour warranty. They have a full maintenance and breakdown service, which is at your disposal once the warranty period has expired.

They specialise in Blaw Knox pavers and always have a number in stock, either awaiting rebuild or with the work in progress. Other makes are also handled. Over US$5 million worth of Blaw Knox spares are always in stock, and comprehensive technical assistance is ever on hand.

Subject to availability, there are usually such ancillary machines as rollers, sprayers and chip spreaders etc. available too.


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